MyHappySkirt is fashion brand  inspired by women and men who enjoy life and feel special and comfortable with themselves. Skirts are unique, hand made, with mobile brooch and inspiring message for each of you. Every owner of the skirt enters special book "MyHappySkirt". You can choose Romantic, Business or Extra line skirts. We also design skirts for men and we have unisex skirt "Riječki brhan" with special hidden simbols of Rijeka town. We also create other  fashion items in limited edition- fashion accesoires, T- shirts, tops, fascinators...

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  • MyHappySkirt Extra line

    Extra skirts for extra you. Remember- we are all unique and deserve to feel special.

  • MyHappySkirt Romantic line

    For any special occasion or whenever you want to feel special.

  • MyHappySkirt Business line

    From morning's light to evening's last star...always remember how special you are.