Feb. 17, 2017

In every moment of creation you have to find someone that is on the same vibe with you...This creates special energy, better to say sinergy that ends with good results ...That is why I love working with young and talented photograf and graphic designer Melani Grabar... In many former projects  I was working with great people such as Lara Mamula, Petar Fabijan,  Marko Gracin, Rino Gropuzzo and many models, journalists, make up artists and hair stylists...It is important to mention my salesgirls Anita and Dubravka that make a great team and all the customers that are buying MyHappySkirt and enjoying the good energy that we put in every sewing needle touch,  in every skirt and happy product that we create...The point is-people are the Key of inspiration and the Key of  every success. You can strive, you can wish, you can dream, but can't do it alone.